Consider These Factors Before Getting Tooth Implants

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Tooth decay is a scourge that is quite worrying and threatens many people, from an early age to adulthood. According to existing research, at least 75% of children and almost all adults in various countries experience tooth decay at varying levels.

Seeing the extraordinary number of cases of tooth decay, the best possible step to take is to carry out a dental implant procedure. Many experts recommend this step as the best way to replace teeth that have to be removed due to decay.

Not everyone feels confident doing this, but you don’t need to be too afraid. You can consult with your trusted doctor. Find out if this is indeed the ideal solution for you. Consulting an expert will give you important information about the exact condition of your teeth, that way you will know what is right and avoid any fraud.

The following is a discussion of 5 factors that must be considered carefully before you decide to undergo a dental implant procedure.

Consider the Amount of Cost

If you already have a big intention to have an implant, it is hoped that you will not be too hasty in deciding. You still have to consider the costs because budgeting is very important. It helps you to determine whether to choose another alternative to deal with your dental problems more realistically regarding your situation.

For dental implant procedures, the general cost is around USD 800 to USD 6000 per tooth. This high cost means you should consider signing up for insurance that covers the cost of dental implants. Make sure this includes the payment budget and cash payment discounts.

Find Out the Procedure

You should know that the dental implant process requires that your damaged teeth be removed or removed first. In some cases, doctors can perform a jaw graft procedure if necessary. The method is to take a small amount of bone to move it to the part of the jaw that will be implanted.

The doctor will of course do research before determining the most appropriate type of dental implant for your case. You have to be patient because the healing and bone growth process takes months. You can also ask your doctor to consider whether you can just install dentures.

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Choose an Experienced Doctor

You can’t just choose a doctor. Don’t just rely on connections and price offers that are too difficult to refuse. Make sure that the doctor you choose is an expert, has extensive experience, and has sufficient capacity in the field of dental implants.

You can ask for reviews from many people who have used this doctor’s services. Reviews from previous customers will usually be much more honest than any advertising. They will provide an objective and honest view so that it will help you in determining the best choice.

You can ask questions such as whether this doctor has had any training and is certified or licensed. Have they had many dental implant procedures before?

This is important because in reality, not all people who work as dentists have had contact with cases or carried out dental implant procedures in depth. So you need to be careful about this.

Don’t forget to ask if they have a high success rate and can carry out the procedure well and quickly. See if they can consider that you are indeed eligible for dental implant treatment.

Determine the Most Suitable Type

There are 3 types or techniques that are generally known when carrying out dental implant procedures. These techniques are subperiosteal, endosteal, and zygomatic.

The subperiosteal implant method is a method that uses the bottom of the gum and the top of the bone. A metal piece will be placed under the gum using a post to attach the denture. Healing takes 1 – 3 months.

Endosteal is a method that uses the jawbone and is a technique that is considered safe. The implant uses a post in the form of a screw instead. Healing takes around 4 – 6 months.

Zygomatic is a step that is not easy but is the most appropriate alternative. The implant is placed in the cheekbone, and this implant will heal in 2 – 4 months and you can use it safely for 12 years.

Pay Attention to Dental Health

You must be diligent and always pay attention to your oral health before getting a dental implant procedure. If your mouth is truly healthy, the more likely your implant procedure will be successful. Ask your doctor about the best medicines to take before and after this procedure.

Regularly brushing your teeth and gargling with anti-bacterial will help reduce other tooth decay and make your bones and gums healthy.

These are several factors that you should pay attention to before receiving a dental implant procedure. Don’t miss this factor and regret it later. Hopefully, the review above is useful for you.