9 Fundamentals of Dental Health Maintenance

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Dental and oral health is very vital and has a huge influence on human health. All-access to nutrition, even bacteria and germs can enter through the mouth.

Another role of the teeth and mouth area is to help our digestion become healthier. The process of chewing food that occurs in the mouth allows our body’s digestive system to run more optimally without the risk of interference.

Why It Is Important to Check Your Dental Health

Dental and oral health is included in the order of treatment because the condition of the mouth and teeth which are damaged and not cared for will cause unbearable pain. You could even say that heartache is better than toothache.

Teeth that are not cleaned regularly will accumulate a lot of plaque which will become a place for germs and bacteria to live, increasing the risk of cavities.

Teeth with cavities will usually be treated by filling the hole. However, in reality, this procedure often has side effects and is easy to recur.

Seeing this, many people ultimately prefer the dental implant procedure as the method that is considered the best and has satisfactory results in the long term. If you can take care of it very well, the results of dental implants can even last for the rest of your life.

9 Basics of Maintaining Healthy Teeth

So it is very clear that maintaining healthy teeth and mouth is very crucial, and below we will discuss the basics of maintaining healthy teeth that you can do every day, let’s look at the review.

1. Brush your teeth at least twice a day

This can be done in the morning after breakfast and before bed. These two-time recommendations were chosen because a toothbrush is for cleaning.

In the morning, after brushing our teeth, we will then do many activities that we might not have time to brush our teeth during the day.

Then at night before bed, this is because during sleep many hormones are working. If we sleep with a clean mouth, bacteria, and germs will not stay in our mouth and damage our teeth while we sleep.

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2. Use a soft toothbrush

The goal is so that when you brush your teeth you won’t damage the surface of your teeth. You should not just choose a toothbrush. If you choose a toothbrush with hard material, it will damage the outer layer of your teeth and also be the initial cause of tooth decay.

3. Choose toothpaste with fluoride

The fluoride content will help protect the surface of your teeth because this content will strengthen your teeth. Use this toothpaste at least twice a day according to the rules stated in the previous tips.

4. Use dental floss

This tool will help you reach between your teeth that are difficult to reach with even a soft toothbrush. This is also known as an interdental toothbrush, which means the gap between one tooth and another.

When you brush your teeth, there is still a possibility that dirt that is on the surface will be pushed into the gaps between your teeth. If left unchecked, this condition will disrupt the alignment and damage the teeth.

5. Gargle with anti-bacterial medication

This is the best complement to the dental and oral cavity cleaning combo. If you feel that using dental floss is still not optimal, you can use an antibacterial mouthwash which will remove bacteria and germs that may still be attached.

Use medication containing chlorhexidine and gargle for at least 30 seconds for maximum cleanliness.

6. Avoid sweet and sticky foods

Sweet foods or sugar and chewing gum will leave marks because they are sticky. If you consume too much sugar and don’t brush regularly, it will eat away at your teeth significantly.

Soda also has the same impact, so it’s better to avoid it and brush your teeth diligently after eating and drinking sweet drinks.

7. Consume water

Water is a core component of our body, so consuming lots of water will certainly improve the overall condition of our body, including the teeth and mouth. When drinking water, you can also clean your teeth and rinse your mouth.

8. Xylitol candy

In fact, not all candy is dangerous for your teeth. Candy containing xylitol will help maintain oral health. Currently, there are quite a lot of xylitol candy products that taste delicious and are useful.

9. Go to the dentist regularly

At least you need to consult and check the condition of your teeth once every 6 months.

Moreover, if you have dental implants, they can be made every 4 months for more intense treatment. These are some of the basics of dental care to stay healthy. Hope it is useful.