Way to Care for Dental Implants

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Installing dental implants is considered to be the most promising solution for dealing with the problem of damaged teeth. Many children and adults get implants and then their problems are solved.

This is of course due to the support of technological developments and never-ending innovation in various fields, including in the field of dental health. The implant procedure is placing a foreign object into your mouth, but in reality, this practice can be successful.

Solving the problem is not the finish line, but is a continued struggle to maintain the condition of implanted teeth in good and healthy condition. You must continue to carry out routine and intensive dental care.

How to care for dental implants so that they can be used for a very long time, here is a review.

Consult with a Doctor Regularly

You must be diligent in having your dental implants checked by a specialist at least once every 3 months in the first year. If you routinely carry out checks once every 3 months in the first year, then for the following year you can only do them once every 6 months. This method will help you know the condition of your dental implants well.

Report Dental Implant Treatment Progress

Your doctor will ask you to provide an update regarding your routine dental implant care at home. The doctor will also examine the condition with the history of previous examinations used as a basis.

You are advised to send videos or photos, if possible, X-rays of your teeth to your dentist at least once a year. This will help the doctor observe and evaluate the current condition of your implant teeth.

Occasionally you also need to visit your doctor and ask him to remove plaque that may appear on implant teeth. Ask when you need to do the next check so that you are always under control.

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Thorough and Disciplined in Caring

If you want your dental implants to last a long time, then thoroughness and discipline are the keys. You must be disciplined and careful when carrying out your care at home. Apart from that, you also have to be disciplined in carrying out treatment with doctors by visiting their clinics regularly.

Do a thorough cleaning by using a soft brush so that it can reach the narrow gaps between the teeth. Always check carefully whether there are still parts of the implant tooth that still need to be cleaned, especially in the connection area and gum area.

Pay Attention to the Condition of the Gums

You should not be lazy and ignore the condition of the gums in the area of your implant teeth. The goal is to prevent tooth decay from appearing again and attacking your implant teeth. You can also support treatment by consuming vitamin B12 which is recommended by experts based on research results.

Follow Care Directions Properly

You will be given instructions regarding dental implant care in detail by your doctor during a routine examination or consultation. You just need to follow everything recommended and directed by the doctor and not act outside the limits which will harm you.

Choose the Best Care Products

Make sure that you choose a treatment product that increases damage to the surface of the implant tooth. Some products may have excessive levels of ingredients that are not suitable for the condition of implant teeth.

Choose a toothbrush with synthetic bristles and a round tip. This is because the surface of the implant tooth is more sensitive and is easily eroded.

These are some of the ways you can care for your dental implants so that they stay good and last for a very long time. This will also reduce the risk of the same damage reoccurring on the tooth that has been repaired. Hopefully, the review above is useful and inspires you to care for dental implants.